Super Star


Parents: Sensi Star (female) x Sensi Star (male)

Flowering Time: 56-60 days

Hybridization Ratio: 70% Indica / 30% Sativa

Effect: Uplifiting, creative, clear headed

Smell/Taste: Sweet, super pungent combination of lilac and lemon

Yield: 300-500 g/m2 (1-1 2/3 oz./ft. 2)

Environment: Indoor/outdoor in warm climates/greenhouse

Super Star is a unique F2 cross of the legendary Sensi Star, originally from Paradise Seeds, winner of Highlife and High Times awards in 1999 and 2000. This F2 cross was created by Delta 9 Labs with the main characteristics being chosen towards the sativa pheontypes. After selecting a prized mother, we searched Amsterdam for the oldest pack of Sensi Star we could find and sprouted them to select a sativa dominant male to cross her with. She gets her name from the amount of crystals she produces as well as the enlightening high which brings you the feeling of being a Super Star. The high is very clear and creatively inspiring. Conventional wisdom says that sativas give smokers a head high in contrast to the indica body high. Super Star successfully joins the original Sensi Star to produce a buzz that both stimulates the receptors and opens the chakras.

Recommended for indoor gardens or warm climates, this variety’s flowers may begin to reach maturity at around 7 weeks but the average time is closer to 8 weeks. Super Star forms many individual main stem branches that grow very tall and sprout long thick leaves. The internodes or branching points seem unusually far apart at first, but they fill in fast as the growing cycle progresses giving very tight small dense buds. This sweet tasting variety delivers an uplifting mixture of mind and body buzz that can be energizing and profoundly clear headed. The Super Star high comes on fast and strong, so some pacing may be advisable. As long as it isn’t overdone, the result should be a creatively progressive day which could be harnessed to complete major projects or to enjoy with friends for a night out on the town.

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