Southern Lights


Parents: NYC Diesel (female) x Sensi Star (male)

Flowering Time: 63-70 days

Hybridization Ratio: 80% Sativa / Indica 20%

Effect: Lightly hazy with a body buzz

Smell/Taste: Sweet

Yield: 400-550g/m2 (1 1/2-1 3/4 oz./ft.2)

Environment: Indoor/outdoor/greenhouse

This strain has an incredibly uplifting high yet maintains the fruity flavor of its parent the NYC Diesel. Its father is Paradise Seeds’ Sensi Star and certainly packs a wallop. Combined, these two make up a lovely strain, not too tall at its maximum flower height of approximately 1 to 1.5 meters, depending on growing medium and pot size. It does tend towards the bushy side rather then the stretchy side. Normally, a sativa tends towards a headier high but this one nicely combines a light daze with a strong body buzz, perfect for those that require a medicine that is rich in CBD and CBN. If you really like the body buzz then make sure to let it go a week longer, until the crystals are 30-40% amber. The plant normally finishes around 63 days but can go up to 70. However in hydro set ups with CO2 it has finished as quick as 56 days. This plant is not afraid to eat and can accept a pretty high EC, we’ve gone as high as 2-2.2. All in all a great smoke and a great medicine. Certainly if anything this is one of the most stinky and fruity of our strains.

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